Bethany & John


Bethany & John

I had the pleasure of spending a morning in the company of Bethany & John, a lovely couple bursting with creative talent. While it was very early and sadly equally overcast, we came away with some great images.

A grunge inspired street shoot

Bethany & John have a long history of creative and performing work. Bethany has modeled around the world, along with being a professional dancer, acrobat and fire performer. John is a skilled guitarist and artist who has toured extensively with multiple bands.

The pair are starting their vlogging career together and were interested in a nostalgic themed street shoot to help build content for social media as most of their past work has been individual. 

Sheltering from the rain

We decided to shake off the rain, and head into a local multi-story car park that looked interesting.
The textures, angles, and atmosphere of the architecture meant I could draw from the surroundings and ultimately create some satisfactory grungey vibes with Bethany and John. 
The ceiling gave off a great aesthetic, a repeating pattern that gave depth, texture and shadow. This meant that when I graded the photographs there was much to be seen in black and white as well as colour.

Brutalist beauty

When we passed this Brutalist style multi-story car park I could not resist taking some shots of them against a tree on a tiny patch of grass running alongside. These buildings, with their mass of pre-fab concrete, are hard to consider beautiful. Yet there was something about the greenery of the tree and youth of Beth & John against this imposing structure that made for an almost fairytale esque photo.

Full Gallery

The rest of the shots I was happy with are posted bellow, I tried to go for a range of editing styles to help make the content fresh and interesting when used on various social media platforms.