Dorota's Field Shoot

Dorota, an NHS worker from nearby Gillingham, was kind enough to let me photograph her during a dreamy June golden hour.

The best laid plans of mice & men…

So originally I had intended to shoot Dorota in a field of unending yellow rapeseed flowers, and had carefully scouted around for several locations where they were in full bloom. Poor weather had pushed back my intended shoot date, and then when the forecast looked good we picked a Sunday night to go out, only to find all of them harvested and the fields bare.

After almost an hour of driving around, we decided that time was quickly fading and the next nice field would have to do. Despite this very last-minute change, Dorota was extremely accommodating of me ditching careful planning for specific shots in a floral location for just winging it and we came away with some fantastic shots.

Golden sun

We lucked out on a green field in the hills surrounding the Blackmore Vale. With golden hour just started we quickly got to work and managed to capture some beautiful shots, bathed in golden setting sun-shine.

Full Gallery

To see the full gallery of edited shots, please see below. This was a relatively short shoot but I decided on a little over 20 images to make it to the final set.