Emma & Andy


Emma & Andy

I had the great pleasure of getting to meet Emma & Andy for a maternity shoot in September 2021 for their first child.

A memento on the eve of parenthood

I absolutely love photography where I get to meet new people and one of the most enjoyable kinds of shoots is materity. There is just something so postive and upbeat about new life and that’s made all the more enjoyable when it’s such friendly people as Emma & Andy. Massive thanks to them for letting me capture a slice of this special time in their lives.

Into the woods we go

After starting on the Melbury Downs, the morning haze was quickly being burnt off by the sun and we all agreed it was not much fun to stay in the heat and blinding light. So a quick drive around the corner to Ashmore woods and we were quickly able to find several great spots for our shoot along with a spectacular beam of bright sun shining through the trees.

A good dog

Emma & Andy certainly have their hands full with not only their first baby on the way but also the bundle of energy that is Buddy their 6 month old pup. He was very patient as we took photos and even managed to make his presence known in a few with some sweet shots of this new family. I’m sure he will be the baby’s best friend in no time.

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For a relatively short shoot this ended up having a lot of photos that made the cut and was a really challenge to narrow it down to a select few. Below are some of the other images from our morning together, and as usual a massive thanks to my talented wife Angela (who you can find over at Ixel Media) for her fantastic editing & re-touching skills.