An actor looking for a wide range of photographs to use in a variety of ways for her career.

An actor with an interesting backstory.

Our sunny photoshoot was set amongst the dappled shade next to a picturesque river, as we progressed through the shoot Jade told me about herself in great detail. 

Jade has a hidden disability, she was born with hip dysplasia and has suffered immense pain associated with it since being born.
These days, she dabbles as an actor amongst other jobs and likes to raise awareness around her disability to help others learn about how hip dysplasia affects her and others daily.

Jade was a delight to shoot, and through her pain gave a wide range of poses to help add to her portfolio. 

She was recently written about in an article in the Daily Mirror raising awareness about her journey in which she used one of her photos from this shoot, you can see the article here.