Lance & Mary


Lance and Mary

A wedding that shone through the rain and clouds and provided some really beautiful moments.

A Rainy Day Means a Long Luck-Filled Marriage…

Lance and Mary have been together for some time, and wanted a wedding that suited them and their family. However, on the day itself… our wonderful British weather gave them a great send off into married life together.

A smaller venue I had never shot in before, teamed with harsh lighting and smaller spaces to shoot meant I had to learn quickly. The rain allowed people to collect and allow for some great candid shots, and meant that it was all contained in the hall.

It was a wonderful service and completely in keeping with Lance and Mary’s requests, family and friends and a good knees up after.
Marriage at any age is wonderful, but to watch two people who had their own part in my own wedding to my wife Angela made it even more special.

Special thanks to Lance and Mary for allowing me to photograph such a special day.

Knees Up!

After the service we all piled down to a pub, where guests mingled caught up and enjoyed the newly weds company.

Lance and Mary could relax now the official parts were over, they enjoyed a drink and got to talk to guests who congratulated them excitedly.

The pub was cosy, slightly dark in places and offered some great candid shots for me to grab.

A colourful editing phase…

Lance and Mary wore amazingly bright red attire, standing out and giving the wedding a really lovely and welcome touch of colour against the cloud and  rain.

Editing should be fun, and this wedding had a lot to play with. After all the usual corrections one performs, we decided the colours really needed a pop. It was a grey day after all, and not entirely in keeping with the celebratory mood.