The misty woodland, brought to life a really stunning set of lifestyle shots...

The Great Outdoors

Teaming Nadine with her favourite pasttime of enjoying the woodland walks near her home, we set about giving Nadine some photographs to really  send out her positive mental health attitude.

Nadine wanted a selection of shots for social media, website and online marketing. She works in the mental health field, and we used the wonderful space and ambience of the woodland to create a fresh calming look to her pictures.

In the Elements

We as a family adore walking in the woods, the promise of a hot thermos cup of tea in hand as we stop for a snack whilst the children run and climb trees…

Editing the photos needed to be simple but effective, utitlising the already textured light within the frame.

I wanted the pictures to retain that calm aesthetic, and kept the colours slightly desaturated to give that result. I’m pleased with how light and airy they turned out.

Mental Health and Photography

Mental health and photography have a strong relationship to me, and I believe fully in  doing what makes you happy.

When I’m low in mood, I find that just organising a small casual shoot helps my mental health immensely.

I try to find the opportunity to work with like minded people because I find it greatly rewarding… so being able to do what I love whilst enjoying a walk and beautiful scenery… it didn’t feel like work at all. Thanks to Nadine for a calm and mentally positive shoot!