Andy and Emma welcomed Oliver into the world a few short weeks after our maternity session with them, and what a bonny lad he is.

Newborn Phase

Anyone who has had a baby knows that babies are unpredictable, and no moment is ever the same.

When we set up for our shoot, Oliver was waiting for his heel prick and check up from the midwife. He was only a few days old when Emma had said to come on over, which in itself was sweet of her to allow us.
First time parents (and those with subsequent children) rarely find time to do anything outside their own home, so we travelled over to meet little Oliver.

The shoot went very well, using only natural light…. when the midwife turned up we used it as an opportunity for a break whilst Oliver got his tests done.
Thank goodness we did stop… because when Oliver was weighed and had had his little foot pricked he immediately projectile pooped across the room. He destroyed his heel prick test card, pooped on the wall and the blankets and the midwifes phone!

Babies are anything but boring, and luckily we quickly cleaned him up again ready for his next portion of shots.


Being parents ourselves, we love to meet other parents.

Being able to watch some new friends become first time parents is a lucky thing, and we are good friends to this day with Emma and Andy who now have a squishy lovely boy alongside their furbaby.

Seeing first time parents settle into their new life, is a privilege rarely afforded to some people and we really appreciated the time they took to let us photograph Oliver.