Terri I



Terri wanted some natural portraiture, shot near her farm located by Sturminster Newton. We chased the last light of the day to enjoy a shoot during golden hour.

Golden Hour

We were lucky enough to time our shoot at golden hour to ensure warmer toned portraits.

Terri is originally from South Africa and very comfortable with our ‘hot’ Summer sun.

We posed Terri bathing in the last warm sun of the day, which provided her with a great natural light and a very beautiful sky behind her complete with an early moon presence.

Summer Aesthetic

Being from a sunnier climate, Terri quite obviously was at home with the sun.

We discussed the style of shooting, which turned out to be more naturalistic and led to a beautifully golden look.

The sun allowed us to play with light and shadow and was a star player in providing a classic golden hour aesthetic.

Portraiture for Confidence

Terri has some skin damage fromĀ  long term sun-exposure and wanted to use this an an opportunity to shine through, and gain confidence in her own skin.

Post-production of the shoot was aimed at providing Terri with a look that was true to her self and gave her pictures she felt comfortable in sharing and looking at for years to come.

The golden sun shining on Terri gave a really beautiful glow, and allowed her own beauty to radiate through from within.

Her blonde hair and bright wardrobe worked well with the surrounding fields, allowing the colours to break through the golden colour.