Terri II


Terri II

The light held on just late enough to allow us to pose Terri against the background, basking in the golden sun.

Body Positivity

Terri was inspiring, I was honored  to be allowed to see Terri in a powerful moment, I feel that she came across comfortable in the shots and was very happy to try new poses and just be herself.

The blonde hair, the white lingerie and Terri’s smile made light work of the latter half of the shoot. We wrapped the shoot feeling like we had really accomplished some positivity and left feeling excited for the edit.

The Edit

As Terri’s skin was in various states of redness and marked by the sun, we started by colour correcting and giving her a more natural glow.

Terri’s skin damage was quite present, but we didn’t want to fully remove it as it is a part of her and her heritage.
We removed the worst of the textured parts and larger sunspots and smoothed the skin, which calmed down a lot of the damage.