Tom's Headshot Shoot

A local male model with Down Syndrome who is making strides in the rapidly expanding world of diverse models.

A model shielding

While everyone has been massively effected in different ways durring the COVID crisis and long lock-downs, many are unaware that people with Down Syndrome have had to shield far longer. When the true scale of the illness was first realised, people with extra vunrablities were told to shield both before and after everyone else had to endure lock-down. 


For Tom this meant my shoot with him was the first in over a year that he had gotten to do and was a perfect opportunity to update his headshots and get back on the horse with his career. 

A Sunny morning

Unbeknownst to me, I actually pass Tom’s home most mornings as it’s next to my son’s school. So it was a pleasent suprise when his mother contacted me to arrange a shoot and I was able to pop down for an hour. We were lucky with the weather and despite being a mini-shoot we still managed to take photos and two locations and get a good range.

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